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Complex algorithms are sometimes called the steam engines of the digital world, but only paired with a suitable business model they can become game changers in digital business or even creators of entirely new business opportunities. In 2015 Garter coined the term Algorithmic Business to describe this next stage of digital business and to pay tribute to the latest ground-breaking developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, optimization and computer vision. Our research team at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts - The Lucerne School of Information Technology investigates this seminal blend of algorithms and business in order to support our industry partners in the development of business models and services based on complex algorithms as well as in the induced digital transformation. These pages aim to make our research in the two specific areas of electronic commerce and medical technology visible to a broader audience by providing a testbed of online demonstrators. Please check them out and feel free to get in touch with us! Here you can find more information about the services we offer to our partners, publications and presentations and our team.


15.02.2017 Today Thomas gave a presentation on "Deep Learning Architectures for Texture Recognition" within our research team.
12.02.2017 On friday, Sita gave an interview in the "Handelszeitung".
27.01.2017 Sita recently gave an interview in the "Unternehmer Zeitung" entitled "Sind wir Marionetten?".
17.01.2017 We welcome our new industry partner Digitec Galaxus AG.

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